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Data Requirements for Pesticide Registration

Data from many tests are required by the EPA to register a pesticide for sale or distribution. Studies are generated by the applicant and, in some cases, pulled from open literature. All data must meet certain quality standards. Once submitted, data are used to complete different types of risk assessments. Results are used to write label language and add restrictions, if necessary.

Data must be submitted to answer each of the following questions:

Product Chemistry: What are the basic chemical characteristics of the pesticide?

Product Performance: Is the pesticide effective against the pest it claims to control?

Hazard to Humans and Domestic Animals: How toxic is it? What is the potential for health effects?

Hazard to Nontarget Organisms: Will applications of the pesticide put birds, fish, wildlife, or plants at risk?

Post-Application Exposure: How much exposure will farm workers have who enter the area after a pesticide treatment?

Applicator/User Exposure: How much exposure will people have who are using the pesticide?

Spray Drift Evaluation: Is the pesticide likely to drift?

Environmental Fate: What happens to the pesticide in the environment?

Residue Chemistry: How much pesticide residue is left on a crop after the pesticide is used according to label directions?


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Last updated May 14, 2019

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