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There are no quick answers that apply to every situation. However, you can get a good sense of the risk by learning more about the pesticide use nearby. In general, the risk from any pesticide depends on how toxic it is and how much you contact it (eat, breathe, or touch it).

Toxicity varies by product. Each product label lists its toxicity using a signal word. Simply because a pesticide is used nearby does not mean that you will be exposed. Your contact can depend on many factors. Consider distance, application technique, weather conditions, environment, and the product(s) used.

If you live nearby a farm, golf course, nursery, forestry lot, or other neighbors that use pesticides, consider speaking with them to discuss your concerns. Learning more about pesticide use will require communication and cooperation between both parties. Their willingness to share can also be part of your assessment.

Factors that may affect risk:

Ways to minimize exposure:

Pesticides in the environment:

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Last updated April 15, 2024

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