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Illegal or Counterfeit Pesticides

Illegal Pesticides

Illegal pesticides usually come into the United States from foreign countries where they are sold on the street, over the internet or in small neighborhood stores. These pesticides are illegal because they have not been evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure their use will not harm people or the environment. Common illegal pesticides include "Tres Pasitos" and "Miraculous or Chinese Chalk". Illegal pesticides are often sold without proper use directions or warnings on the labels. The packages frequently make false claims like "harmless to human beings and animals" and "safe to use." These products are not only illegal, but they may be much higher in toxicity than the legal products.

Counterfeit Pesticides

Counterfeit pesticides are also illegal. Counterfeit pesticides are produced and packaged to look like legal products, but their contents may not match their labels. Counterfeit products may have less active ingredient than the legal version or they may contain cheaper, possibly more toxic, active ingredients. Because of this, counterfeit pesticides can be ineffective or dangerous to people, pets and the environment. One example of counterfeit pesticide products being sold in the U.S. are counterfeit versions of EPA approved flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats.

To avoid buying illegal or counterfeit pesticides, keep these tips in mind:

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Last updated April 14, 2022

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