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Common Pesticide Questions

I left for a minute... Did my dog get in it?

Andy prepared to spray his lawn with an insecticide. He carefully read the product label before getting started. Andy’s dog, Barkly, watched from inside the house while Andy mixed the product and started to spray. When the treated areas had dried, Andy went inside to clean up and let Barkly outside. Andy looked out the window as he washed his hands and saw Barkly chewing on the insecticide bottle. Andy rushed outside and took the bottle away from Barkly. Thankfully, Barkly had not chewed through the container yet. Andy thought, "I had been so careful. I can't believe I forgot to properly store the product before I let Barkly out".

Andy says, "Don't let this happen to you!" Click here to find out how!

Take Home Message

Andy now realizes the importance of keeping pesticides out of reach of pets. You can protect your pet from pesticide poisoning by reading the ENTIRE product label. The label includes important instructions regarding proper use and storage of a pesticide product.

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